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for greenpeace & lucid dream

this is today our world and then the world of our child after this
this is what we use today and then what other will use after this
this is you and my home that we might love very much one day

it is true that we all need money but dos it mean like we can do all for money?
and dos it mean like we can hurt this world for money right?

it is very clear today that all our life & economic is bas on oil after 50 year of oil we use but do we still know what must do about the oil in during this 20 year from today? do we still know what will happen to our grand child after 20 year from today?  if no---then must!!!!!

lucid dreaming is good thing & it shows that we live in our mind more then we live in this world & it can tell you like hei!! easy!! life is like dream and just be cool but the truth is that the more you learn and then the more it become very deep then i can say in word.

my all book for stress & insomnia

i am 88% sure that you will fly in dream if you play this game more before you sleep